Power Defragmenter 3.1

This is a quite well known defragmenter based on Microsoft/Sysinternals Contig core.

Windows 2k/XP
408 KB
3.9 12 votes

Microsoft provides the core component, the heart of defragmentation process, the developer provides the user interface for it. And so far users just love it. It’s not perfect but it’s close.

What's New:

  • Fixed URL addresses in the GUI and program function
  • Simplified Contig download and setup (now almost fully automatic)
  • Removed PowerMode(TM) because of compatibility problems with Windows Vista
  • Introduced TriplePass(TM) mode replacing obsolete PowerMode(TM)*
  • Added ability to defragment removable drives (mostly floppy and USB hard drives**)
  • Fixed few glitches
  • New Vista style graphics

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