Vuze Leap

Vuze Leap Beta

Vuze Leap is a fast client for the BitTorrent network designed to be very easy to use, intuitive, and safe. With this extremely fast and efficient piece of freeware you will be able to handle all your .torrent downloads.

Note: We've detected that Vuze Leap's installer might attempt to bundle third-party software. We suggest to proceed with caution and select the "Custom" installation option to identify any potential unwanted software.
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Vuze Leap offers an intuitive user interface, very low CPU usage, speed limits, and the ability to preview files while downloading. Vuze Leap is based on Vuze (Azureus) but optimized, customized and improved for faster downloads. Vuze Leap is incredibly simple and it has a lot of promise.

The Vuze Leap beta test is open to everyone. Simply signup here and after you join Vuze will send out updates, fixes and new features throughout the testing period.


  • Re-designed user interface that’s modern, sophisticated and simple
  • An exceptionally lightweight product that utilizes few resources
  • Optimized for speed to provide faster data exchanges
  • Focus on security and privacy to better preserve user anonymity and free speech rights

What's New:

  • Improved torrent notifications in the system tray
  • Improved overall product performance
  • Implemented further download notifications
  • Fixed several issues