As the only fully-loaded photo editor integrated across macOS, Windows and iPad, Affinity Photo is the first choice of millions of creative and photography professionals around the world. With incredible speed, power and precision, the award-winning software has everything you need to edit and retouch images, create multi-layered compositions, beautiful raster paintings and so much more.


The standout choice for professionals

With a huge toolset specifically engineered for creative and photography professionals, whether you are editing and retouching images, or creating full-blown multi-layered compositions, it has all the power and performance you will ever need.

Professional corrections & adjustments

Correct and enhance images with Levels, Curves, Black and White, White Balance, HSL, Shadows and Highlights, plus over a dozen other non-destructive adjustments which preview instantly and can be edited at any time. Affinity Photo also provides advanced lens corrections and best-in-class noise reduction so you have full control to really bring out the best in any image.

Complete retouching tools

Whether you want to make quick corrections, or spend time on a detailed retouch, Affinity Photo has you covered. Alongside the usual dodge, burn, clone, patch, blemish, and red eye tools you'll also find an almost magical inpainting brush, frequency separation capability, and a full set of liquefy features built-in.

Dedicated RAW workspace

Develop camera RAW files in a dedicated workspace with all the precise adjustments and corrections you need in an unbounded linear color space.

Focus Merge

Expertly merge multiple images taken at different focal distances for greater depth of field. Affinity Photo takes care of the alignment and completes a detailed analysis to determine the best areas of each image to use.

Recordable Macros

Macros enable you to record an unlimited number of actions which you can save and replay whenever you like. You can even play macros as part of a batch process, making previously laborious tasks possible in a few clicks.

What's New

Crop Tool improvements

  • Crop to any pixel selection
  • Use Phi Grid as a crop overlay
  • Adjust crop area by dragging from anywhere on the crop area's edge
  • Crop area reduces to fit on rotation/straightening
  • Crop area's aspect ratio is constrained on resize with Shift modifier*
  • Crop area is sized from center with cmd/ctrl modifier*
  • Last used crop settings and zoom levels are remembered
  • Esc key resets current crop area (for desktop only)
  • Enhanced Brushes panel
  • Show brush names
  • Show brushes as thumbnails
  • Disable Associated Tools for all raster brushes
  • Highlights the active brush
  • Indicates modified brush settings
  • Auto-scroll to last used brush when reusing brush tools (intra and inter-category)
  • Alt-click on a new brush keeps your current brush width*
  • Update Brush and Reset Brush if modified

Assets panel

  • Expand All/Collapse All subcategories (for desktop only)
  • Sort assets by name
  • Modifier-free reordering of asset subcategories (for desktop only)

Layers panel

  • Alt-click to Expand/Collapse All (child layers)*
  • Step-through renaming of layers and export slices with Tab key (for desktop only)
  • Rename layers via the Layers menu, with shortcuts (for desktop only)
  • Hide layer type icons

Guides improvements

  • Double-click any guide to open Guides Settings
  • Drag distance (delta) shows in on-screen readout
  • Drag a guide from rulers will switch on guide visibility (if set to off)
  • Clone guides with cmd-drag (ctrl-drag)*
  • Delete guides with alt-click*
  • Snap guides to ruler units based on the spread origin with shift-drag*
  • Snap guides to drag distance (delta) based on ruler units with shift-alt-drag*
  • Snap to original guide position when moving guides
  • Snap to original guide when cloning guides
  • Nudge guide values with mouse wheel/arrow keys*
  • Link margin or X/Y spread origin values in Guides Settings
  • *For iPad, use Command Controller/Smart keyboard
  • Paint mixer brush can autoclean
  • Clone and Healing brush tools remember more last used settings
  • Show special characters
  • Affinity Designer's Measure and Area tools come to Photo (for desktop only)
  • Zoom Tool options in Develop Persona (for desktop only)
  • The Spacebar repositions a rectangular or elliptical marquee selection as it is being drawn
  • Mask to Below via Layer menu (for desktop only)
  • Place Tool as an alternative to File>Place (for desktop only)
  • Disable auto-selection with Move Tool, plus cmd-click override*
  • Keyboard shortcuts for layer and brush blend modes
  • Adjust stroke width using Node Tool or shape tools using [ or ] keys
  • Balanced dashed lines plus more dash pattern sequences
  • Clear arrowhead settings
  • Search Bar for searching add-on content in your Account
  • V5 PANTONE┬« Solid, Process Coated and Uncoated update
  • One-click bitmap fill creation from assets or stock images
  • Create bitmap fills by drag-and-drop from Finder/File Explorer to Color or Swatches panel (for desktop only)
  • Paint with bitmap textures drag-and-dropped to Color or Swatches panel (for desktop only)
  • Close All to close multiple open documents plus Apply to All option (for desktop only)
  • WebP and JPEG-XL available in Batch Export

Photo iPad

  • Style Picker Tool offers a dropper-based transfer of object styles
  • Rulers
  • Reset canvas rotation in Navigator Panel with double-tap
  • Double-tap Zoom option to Zoom to 100% in Navigator Panel
  • PDF passthrough
  • PDF Options offered on opening PDF files
  • Create compounds via long press on Geometry menu options
  • More Smart keyboard shortcuts:
  • Select Next, Previous, Top and Bottom
  • Opacity
  • Zoom options and other design aids
  • More select options added to Quick Menu
  • Apple Pencil: double-tap to open Quick Menu
  • Show in Files on the Home screen (Live Docs) locates your saved file
  • Disable brush preview for Apple Pencil Hover and peripheral devices

Workflow improvements:

  • Drop-down menus with checkable options no longer auto-close
  • Less tapping needed for menu navigation
  • Use iPadOS default Photos browser when importing from Apple Photos (iPad)
  • Lock or rename layers, plus swap compound type, via left-swipe
  • Double-tap to reset Opacity and Blend Mode to 100% and Normal, respectively (Layers panel)