The Gimp

GIMP 2.10.8

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. A freely distributed photo retouching, image composition and image authoring program.

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Customizable Interface

Each task requires a different environment and GIMP allows you to customize the view and behavior the way you like it. Starting from the widget theme, allowing you to change colors, widget spacings and icon sizes to custom tool sets in the toolbox. The interface is modulized into so called docks, allowing you to stack them into tabs or keep them open in their own window. Pressing the tab key will toggle them hidden.

GIMP features a great fullscreen mode allowing you to not only preview your artwork but also do editing work while using the most of your screen estate.

Photo Enhancement

Numerous digital photo imperfections can be easily compensated for using GIMP. Fix perspective distortion caused by lens tilt simply choosing the corrective mode in the transform tools. Eliminate lens' barrel distortion and vignetting with a powerful filter but a simple interface.

Digital Retouching

GIMP is ideal for advanced photo retouching techniques. Get rid of unneeded details using the clone tool, or touch up minor details easily with the new healing tool. With the perspective clone tool, it's not difficult to clone objects with perspective in mind just as easily as with the orthogonal clone.

Hardware Support

GIMP includes a very unique support for various input devices out of the box. Pressure and tilt sensitive tablets, but also a wide range of USB or MIDI controllers. You can bind often-used actions to device events such as rotating a USB wheel or moving a MIDI controller's slider. Change the size, angle or opacity of a brush while you paint, bind your favorite scripts to buttons. Speed up your workflow.

File Formats

The file format support ranges from the common likes of JPEG (JFIF), GIF, PNG, TIFF to special use formats such as the multi-resolution and multi-color-depth Windows icon files. The architecture allows to extend GIMP's format capabilities with a plug-in. You can find some rare format support in the GIMP plugin registry.

Thanks to the transparent virtual file system, it is possible to load and save files to from remote locations using protocols such as FTP, HTTP or even SMB (MS Windows shares) and SFTP/SSH.

To save disk space, any format can be saved with an archive extension such as ZIP, GZ or BZ2 and GIMP will transparently compress the file without you needing to do any extra steps.

What's New:


  • Fix saving to URIs, it was broken to only allow exporting, and fix save/export of compressed files
  • Fix brush spacing for drawing in any direction
  • Increase the maximum size of clipboard brushes and patterns to 1024x1024
  • Make sure data objects are saved when only their name was changed


  • Don't allow single-window docks to shrink smaller than their requisition
  • Make sure a single-window's right docks keep their size across sessions
  • Allow to change the spacing of non-generated brushes again
  • In single-window mode, make Escape move the focus to the canvas, and beep if the focus is already there
  • Be smarter about unavailable fonts, and don't crash
  • Make clicking the single-window's close button quit GIMP
  • Make view-close (Ctrl+W) only close image windows and tabs, not docks


  • Add SIGNED_ROUND() which also rounds negative values correctly


  • Make GIMPPLUGINDEBUG work again after GLib changed logging
  • Fix zealous crop for transparent borders


  • Add Hungarian translation


  • Add a default "Color from Gradient" dynamics and tool preset


  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Lots of translation updates