Delfix 1.010

DelFix is designed to delete all removal tools and files used during a disinfection.


Quick Facts

Note: We've detected that Delfix's installer might attempt to bundle third-party software. We suggest to proceed with caution and select the "Custom" installation option to identify any potential unwanted software.
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Removes all cleaning tools in a computer along with all the files they created. Delfix is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 in 32 & 64 bits.


  • Activate UAC: It activates the user account control after cleaning the log files and the unnecessary clutter in your PC.
  • Remove disinfection tools: Removes the tool you’ve ever used to disinfect your PC.
  • Create registry backup: The program creates a registry backup and stores it under % windir% \ ERUNT \ DelFix.
  • Purge system restore: Deletes all your older restore points and creates a fresh one.
  • Reset system settings: It resets the system settings after the removal process is completed.