Web requests through PenguinProxy are forwarded through our servers and that of other PenguinProxy users, confusing advertisers and hiding your true identity.

Browse a better internet

Start browsing anonymously and securely today. Maintain privacy and evade online censorship and tracking. Unblock websites and region-locked content.

Easy to use and free while in beta

Just download and run our VPN client to join our network. Two clicks to run a fully end-to-end encrypted VPN app.

Secure by design

PenguinProxy is decentralized and offers more security than any centralized VPN. PenguinProxy will never track you, sell data about you, or serve you ads.

How does PenguinProxy make money?

Currently, PenguinProxy is in beta and offered for free. Once we are out of beta, we may charge users a small yearly fee. We will never include advertisements in PenguinProxy or sell data about our users.

How secure is PenguinProxy?

PenguinProxy is designed to be secure, but with a focus on being simple to use. For highest security, we recommend using the Tor Browser instead. Although requests through PenguinProxy are fully encrypted, because requests can be forwarded through other users, using PenguinProxy can be compared to using a publicly available Wi-Fi Hotspot. As such, we recommend pairing PenguinProxy with HTTPSEverywhere for end-to-end encryption.

How anonymous is PenguinProxy?

PenguinProxy provides anonymity by making it difficult to link your browsing history and ip address. However, it should be noted that other methods of digital fingerprinting exist, which must be addressed in order for privacy to be guaranteed. See Panopticlick or other tracking tests for more information.

Does PenguinProxy keep logs?

PenguinProxy currently keeps anonymous logs of requests for up to two weeks for the purposes of debugging. We plan on removing logs as PenguinProxy becomes more mature and they are less essential. PenguinProxy will never sell, use, or give away your data. ?