It is modification of program DC++ and it brings many news and features from other modification. Since DC++ is developed under GNU/GPL, you can download source and modify it.

Safe segmented downloading

Download one file from more users simultaneously without corruption! This way of downloading dramatically improves download speed, especially for fast connections, and it's safer than classical downloading. Segment position ans size are decided by file size and chunks speed.

Connection between passive users

It allows connection between 2 passive users by using NAT Traversal technique which means that you can download from all users when in passive mode.


Allows encrypting of transferred data or server communication. It increases user's security and prevents from limitations by your internet provider.

Partial file sharing

Allows downloading and uploading parts of file which is being currently downloaded by you or other users. This increases download speed and file expanding over network.

DHT Search engine

A hub independent and more effective Kademlia-like search engine. Publish users' files outside of hub, so they can be found when you are not present in same hubs.

Download/Upload speed limiter

Avoids a full line usage and leaves some speed for web browsing. Realise, that download speed limit is dependent on upload speed limit which is dependent on amount of opened slots/hubs.

Automatic slow downloads disconnecting

Disconnects sources who speed is under certain value for certain time. If download speed during segmented downloading goes too low, the source is disconnected regardless the set value to avoid unnecessary slot usage.


You can set sounds according to situation, change color scheme or icons, show popup balloons, see emoticons and many more...

Note: StrongDC++ has been designed to share a non-copyrighted material only! Program developer isn't responsible for activities which the users use this software to.

What's New:

  • fixed many crashes
  • fixed problem with minislots
  • fixed file size in Upload queue window
  • fixed DNS resolving for favorite hub's IP
  • reverted storing user's first nick to have it for offline users
  • fixed storing partially downloaded chunks
  • fixed slow downloads disconnecting
  • fixed antifragment downloading
  • "Download finished" popup is displayed only when whole file is complete
  • Socks5 password field isn't readable
  • hopefully fixed some problems with downloading from filelists
  • switched to VS 2008
  • updated bzip2
  • fixed an issue with nick encodings and nmdc connections (DC++ SVN)
  • autopriority enabled only when other priority not selected
  • double-sized chunks for really fast users
  • reverted only unique TTHs in queue
  • fixed unavailable filelist reporting (THX redsaq)
  • workaround for some lagging routers (THX klirik)
  • bloom filters changed (DC++ SVN)
  • fixed some problem with search results
  • added user menu items to nick's context menu in PM