One Commander includes tabs, dual-pane browsers, columns navigation, built-in preview, a theming system and much more. It is free for home use and has no ads.

There are two versions, Free (no ads) for non-commercial use, and Pro version with additional features for professional use.


  • Tabs
  • Dark / Light themes
  • Miller Columns (improved over MacOS Finder)
  • File Preview built-in (Press Space)
  • Long Unicode Path support (not limited to Windows' 260 characters in path)
  • File Age / Relative File Dates (hours/days from modification time), Color Coded
  • Organize Favorites into project groups
  • Quick Filtering of Current Folder
  • File Operations Queue
  • Batch File Operations
  • Easy Keyboard Navigation
  • ToDo Tasks and Notes in Any Folder
  • Drop List / Smarter Clipboard
  • Paste text and bitmap images directly as files
  • Easy sorting to multiple destinations
  • Photo / Audio / Video / Document metadata
  • Picture Preview with Metadata and GPS photo location
  • Image Converter
  • RegEx renaming
  • Monitoring folders for changes
  • Folder background images (automatic if called folder.jpg or cover.jpg)
  • File Explorer and OS X Finder Alternative
  • Unpack zip and other archives with built-in 7zip
  • QuickLook support
  • Dual-panel, side-by-side file browsing
  • Editable theme files (xaml format)

This is not an UWP app but a desktop software with a full operating system support. Windows 10 and Windows 11 are supported

What's New:

  • Listing files when opening folders is up to 10% faster
  • File-view menu with visual representations of views
  • New dynamic columns resizing
  • Tray icon LMB to open window; MMB to open a new window
  • New style for drive-items with percentage bar
  • Jumplist (menu on right-click on taskbar icon) showing saved windows, creating new one, and centering current window
  • Fixed regression bug switching from Virtual Desktop
  • Bug-fixes and small improvements

System Requirements:

  • One Commander requires Windows 10 or Windows 11 and .NET 4.8 framework.
  • Windows 10S is Not supported.
  • High-DPI screen recommended (above 96ppi)
  • At this time acrylic window effect is not supported in Windows 11 (causes extreme lag)


  • Portable version - Extract archive into a New non-system folder (portable software cannot run from "Program Files"). If you are extracting using File Explorer, right-click the archive, select Properties and Unblock the file; then proceed with extracting archive.
  • Store version - There is potentially a permissions issue with opening Office files due to a bug with Store. If you are affected, install the Portable version instead.