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NetGear WNR834Bv2 RangeMax Next Wireless Router Firmware 2.1.13

Driver update in Networking. Operating system support: Windows XP/Vista.

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More about this driver

Note: Do not upgrade the firmware using a wireless connection. Please perform firmware upgrade with “wired” or Ethernet connection only.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed: Router GUI crash when the block service name includes the "&" character.
2. Fixed: The service and policy name with special characters in QoS page will result in incorrect information.
3. Modify Router Status GUI to show Repeater status when router is configured in Base Station mode.
4. Fixed incorrect DHCP pool after enable / disable repeater mode with different IP address
5. Add to support QoS bandwidth control & application layer traffic identification.
6. Fixed UPnP daemon crash issue.
7. Fixed Microsoft online “Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool” failure issue
8. Fixed DNS relay issue: if DNS query to first DNS server failed, it will not query second DNS server
9. Fixed Remote Management range sometimes do not work
10. Fixed QoS/bandwidth control cannot work for fragmented packets.
11. Fixed LAN to LAN SIP phone issue. Fixed: Cannot disconnect SIP session after calling an virtual client.
12. Fixed: VPN passthrough issue with FVS114

Known Issues:

1. If you configure the router in WEP & WPA-PSK type for 130/270Mbps mode, the throughput will be low (around 40 Mbps.) Its recommend to use WPA2-PSK or none security mode to achieve the optimized performance.

To Upgrade:

1. Write down all the settings which you changed from the default values, since you may need to reenter them manually.
2. Download using the button to the right.
Note: Do not upgrade the firmware using a wireless connection. Please perform firmware upgrade with “wired” or Ethernet connection only.
3. Open a browser and access the router using
4. Log in to the router. The User Name = admin. The Password = password unless you changed it.
5. Click Maintenance > Router Upgrade
6. Click Browse and find the upgrade file you just downloaded.
7. Click Upload
Do NOT power off the computer until the upgrade process is completed. Wait for the router to reboot.
8. After the router boots up, log in the router again.
You MUST Reset the router to default settings after upgrading the firmware
9. Click Maintenance > Backup Settings
10. Click Erase. The router reboots when the Erase operation is done.
11. If you would like to check that the upgrade was successful, log in to the router again at, and check the firmware version.
12. Re-configure the router with the settings you saved in step 1. Optionally, You can use the Smart Wizard configuration assistant on the CD to reconfigure the router.

First FTP for North America users only, second one World-wide version - for users outside North America only. Learn more.

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