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D-Link DIR-600 Wireless 150 Router Firmware 4.0.1

Driver update in Networking. Operating system support: Windows (all).

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What's New:
  • In Internet Connection Setup Wizard: Step 3, change Telus behavior to default to dynamic.
  • Add DNS Setting in PPPoE wizard
  • Fixed that setting virtual server rule with UDP.
  • Fixed when changing the LAN IP, the DHCP range does automatically change to match new subnet/network.
  • Fixed Error message would pop-up after setting NTP server.
  • Fixed MAC filtering feature to allow MAC address that start with numbers other then 00.
  • Corrected WPS LED so that it will blink when using the WPS PIN method in side the WPS wizard.
  • Fixed WAN setup DHCP, QoS Engine WEB UI failed.
  • For login issue, in Vista OS, click DIR-600 icon and still show warning message.
  • In support page, “Routing” is missing.
  • Fixed Wireless settings WEP key 1 – 4 will disappear.
  • Corrected issue with schedules. All week and All day schedules now work properly.
  • BiTorrent certification.
  • Fixed DNS portion of Quick Router Setup that would allow an empty field to retain previous settings.
  • Default wireless mode changed from 11G/N to 11B/G/N
  • Add Advance DNS Feature.
  • Add B mode in wireless WEP description.
  • When a schedule is used to disable the wireless, the disabled status is reflected in the status page.
  • Fixed when wireless is disabling with schedule, on status information still show wireless is enable.
  • Advanced DNS will be disabled after setting to disabled in Quick Router Setup.
  • Fixed ALG/UPnP issue.
  • Fix PPTP/L2TP auto dial-up at "on demand" mode.
  • Fixed DHCP MTU to "1490", 48
  • Fixed DDNS server address field couldn´t be edited.
  • Disabled CAPTCHA by default.
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