What's New:
  • Fixed "Download by BT file on local PC" function does not work under AP mode.
  • Speed up BT throughput
  • Speed up NAS throughput and add AP mode for the best NAS performance.
  • Fixed "HTTP Download machine" function does not work under AP mode.
  • Fixed User can't login foreign storage under UBSA mode.
  • Increase maximum BT tasks allowed to 7.
  • Fixed actual access information for this share appears to be different when it is created under PBSA mode. And it cannot be edited normally.
  • Fixed It may not be able to open web page if we power on/off APUT after a while of usage.
  • Fixed User can't get directory under shares folder.
  • Fixed the check box of PPPoE relay will show uncheck after we select and apply it.
  • Fixed there is an unnecessary symbol in PPPoE relay field.
  • Fixed One button show confuses code in download master web page.
  • Fixed The index page of WL-700gE still show donwload machine not download master.
  • WL-700gE can't run full function normally excess 24 hours.
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