In brief: Gaming chairs have gone to ambitious lengths to ensure maximum user comfort for years. Meanwhile, large, colorful fans have long been a staple of RGB design for gaming gear, so combining the two trends makes sense, but do people sweat enough while gaming to justify a 200mm fan?

Computer gear company Cougar recently unveiled the NxSys Aero, a unique gaming chair with a large fan behind the user's back. The 200 x 200 x 20mm 12V fan sits underneath adaptive backrest cushioning, with a hollow space between an elastomeric mesh and a ventilated back cover for increased softness.

In true RGB fashion, owners can customize its lighting scheme. Controls on the side enable switching between multiple available colors, including a shifting pattern, and two fan speeds: 400RPM (emitting an estimated 13.2 decibels) and 800RPM (24.8dB).

Couger's upcoming cooled chair doesn't require a power outlet. Instead, it uses an internally installed 5V USB power bank. The company hasn't provided much information concerning the power supply besides saying it is available separately.

Aside from the fan, the NxSys Aero specs appear typical for a high-end gaming chair. It includes a physiotherapy-grade lumbar pillow, an optional magnetic head cushion, a scalloped bucket seat, PVC leather upholstery, adjustable height and armrest, and can recline from 90 to 150 degrees.

The NxSys Aero ships from Amazon and Newegg before the end of October for $399 in the US and €449 in select European markets. Black and orange options are available.

Users who prefer cooling from under the seat can check out Thermaltake's X Comfort Air series, which the company introduced in 2017. For customers who only want RGB lights, AMD offers the PL4500 for $529.

Other companies have far more extravagant options. Acer, Cluvens, Razer, and Cooler Master have previously introduced chairs that look more like cockpits, with integrated desks and ultrawide monitors. Bethesda and Tempur recently collaborated on a gaming cockpit to promote the former's recently released space RPG, Starfield. However, that was a unique build that will go up for auction after a Starfield promotional tour.

Gaming comfort doesn't end with chairs. Japanese company Bauhutte offers a series of beds and mattresses geared to the gamer. Combined with the company's desks and shelves, Bauhutte's motorized bed ensures users can transition between sleep and gaming (or work) with minimal effort.