WTF?! While it probably won't improve your KDR, this motorized gaming bed allows you to play games, eat and sleep in the same spot. One of its selling points is that you don't even have to waste energy adjusting your posture.

After launching a gaming bed and a gaming mattress, Bauhutte just revealed its latest foray into the gaming furniture market, a motorized gaming bed.

While the BGB-100FA essentially looks like a stripped-down hospital bed, it can be combined with some of Bauhutte's other gaming solutions for a more cohesive look and added functionality. The Bed Desk can be attached to the foot of the bed and used in conjunction with multiple monitor and tablet arms and even an overbed table for your mouse and keyboard.

The bed weighs 37.9kg and measures 199 x 94 x 13.8-28.5 cm, as the legs' height is adjustable to 13.8, 20.8, or 28.5 cm during assembly. The included remote allows you to independently adjust the backrest angle up to 60 degrees and the leg rest angle up to 35 degrees.

While this product might seem slightly ridiculous, it could prove useful for people living in a studio apartment where having a separate desk and bed might be unfeasible. It could also be suitable for someone with limited mobility, as it would help them get in and out of bed more easily.

The Bauhutte BGB-100FA bed frame can be had for 59,800 yen ($481), while a bundle including a matching gaming mattress will set you back 87,375 yen ($703). Bauhutte regrettably doesn't plan to sell its gaming bed outside of Japan.

If you're interested in gamer-oriented furniture that's more readily available, check out Ikea's massive collection they developed in collaboration with Asus. There's also Acer's $20,000 motorized gaming chair, the Predator Thronos, in case you're looking for something even more absurd.