Why it matters: It's not uncommon for developers to turn to classic maps and even popular levels from other games as inspiration for new maps. The latter is exactly what happened when a group of gamers were creating a new set of maps for Quake.

Formally known as the Remix Jam map pack, the bundle contains 30 remixed maps that borrow heavily from fan favorites like Unreal Tournament, GoldenEye 007, Halo, and even Mario Kart 64 (yes, apparently Rainbow Road makes for a good Quake map). They were all made within a three-week community level design event.

The map pack can be downloaded over on Slipgate Sightseer. There is also a full list of included maps and their inspiration that has been reproduced in the forum although it might be more fun to go into it blind and try to guess the source as you play through it.

RPS recently took the pack for a spin, highlighting how devs were able to take multiplayer maps and mold them into linear maps through clever monster and item placement. Special attention was also paid to music and sound effects to create the best possible experience.

Level designer Robert Yang, who made the map Taught By Thirst based on Counter-Strike's Aztec map, published an extensive blog post detailing his intent, inspiration, and everything that happens in the level. If you are familiar with Aztec, it might be worth playing before reading the post as there are some spoilers.

RPS also has a post on how to get going with Quake in the modern era, which can be helpful if you have not run it since the 90s. It'd also be remiss if I did not mention the Quake path tracing mod that launched in 2022 and the multiple Quake II revisits including the RTX makeover in 2019 and the official remaster from last summer.

Need a copy? The enhanced edition is available over on Steam priced at $9.99 and should be compatible with the map pack.