What just happened? The original Quake received an impressive remaster at QuakeCon two years ago for its 25th anniversary. Now it's the sequel's turn. Quake II just received a more extensive revision to its graphics, AI, multiplayer, and accessibility features. Those who own it on digital PC storefronts receive the update as a free patch.

A remastered version of Quake II is now available digitally for $10 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles. The PC version is available on Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store, and Game Pass. Physical editions from Limited Run Games are coming soon. The developers have also released the game's source code. Information about the remaster has continually leaked since late last month, starting with a listing from South Korea's rating board.

Like the 2021 remaster of the first Quake, the new version of Quake II improves various aspects of the game while remaining faithful to the original 1997 release. It includes additions to graphics, gameplay, user interface, and content. In addition to the original campaign, the re-release contains both expansion packs and introduces an all-new episode from MachineGames. The new campaign, titled Call of the Machine, includes 28 levels and a multiplayer map. The bundle also includes Quake 64.

The new version of Quake II supports online, LAN, and split-screen multiplayer and co-op across all platforms with cross-play. Split-screen allows up to eight players on Xbox Series and PC and four players for other platforms. Users with Nintendo and PlayStation controllers can use gyro aiming.

Players can complete all campaigns in solo or co-op action. New mechanics include save files, a respawn system, a pointing system for communication, and an optional lives system for an additional challenge. Campaign enemies and multiplayer bots should display improved decision-making due to the remaster's new AI system. They can better navigate environments and determine how best to attack players. Furthermore, modders receive improved tools for incorporating bots into their creations.

Enhancements to graphics include new lighting effects, improved shadows, ambient occlusion, better materials, smoother animations, and more. The new visuals and split-screen mode have raised the minimum system requirements, so you'll want at least a GeForce GTX 650 Ti or Radeon HD 7750 to play the game, although PC users can revert to the original version. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions can reach 4K and 120Hz while all other consoles maintain 60fps.

The remaster also adds many accessibility features, including high contrast, an alternate typeface, the ability to read text chat aloud, voice chat transcription, message display customizations, alternate control settings, and more. An optional compass can help players navigate campaign levels.