"Albatron’s AGP6600 card utilizes the Nvidia Geforce 6600 chipset, with a core clock speed of 300MHz. The AGP6600GT card uses the Geforce 6600GT chipset, which has a core clock of 500MHz. The AGP6600GT card is also fitted with 128MB of high-speed BGA-packaged, 128-bit, 2.0ns DDR III memory."

Designed for the AGP 8x interface, the Nvidia-based AGP6600 and AGP6600GT VGA cards were announced today by Albatron Technology. Its nice to see high end graphics cards still being made for AGP, as opposed to companies only offering high-end graphics cards for PCI-Express. Its also nice to see the cards being well kitted out; these cards have a D-Sub port, a DVI port and a TV-Out port. The accessories include an HDTV cable that supports S-video and AV interfaces as well as HDTV.

Reviews for the AGP-based 6600GT are in: AnandTech, The Tech Report, NvNews, HardOCP, Neoseeker.