"The inclusion of Skype is a natural extension of the Kazaa product and of peer-to-peer. As pioneers in the P2P field, Sharman Networks believes the integration of Skype – considered the best product in the market for Internet phone calls – will deliver powerful consumer benefits." - Nikki Hemming, CEO of Sharman Networks.

Kazaa, which has worked hard to at least try to rid itself of the label of P2P crime machine, has signed a deal with Skype that will let users make free phone calls anywhere in the world. Kazaa is to include the Voice over Internet Protocol software provided by Skype in its next version (3.0), making Kazaa the first and only peer-to-peer company to offer VoIP calls.

"Despite narrow-minded attempts by others to stymie P2P technology through litigation, boycotts and legislation, Sharman Networks remains committed to delivering on the promise of peer-to-peer. Kazaa v3.0 is another milestone in that direction."

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