Reports from around the globe courtesy of The Inquirer seem to indicate that Nforce 4 SLI is starting to appear all over the world. According to some witnesses, they have been spotted in Tokyo, France and in many other places starting to sell.

"I work at a PC shop in Tokyo and last week (8th of December) the first ASUStek SLI boards where sold in Tokyos Akihabara district. These where sold out on the same day. On the 10th (after closing time) we got our second delivery and sold out on the 11th."

"Lots have been sold this week in France….50 SLI sold in three hours in one of the magazines in France Ciao"

You will of course by now have read about NVIDIA nForce™4 SLI™, which offers the ability to connect two NVIDIA SLI-ready PCI Express™ graphics cards or one standard PCI Express graphics card to a system. Blisteringly fast graphics performance is promised, as always.