Looking for a nice budget notebook? Well, you could do a lot worse than the ASUS A3500L. Based on Intel’s Montara-GML 852GM chipset and featuring the Intel Celeron M processor clocked at 1.4GHz frequency, the ASUS A3500L boasts good performance and excellent battery run-down time.

The ASUS A3500L is a stylish machine. Having a screen diagonal of 15”, the notebook doesn’t look big or cumbersome. On the contrary, the slightly slanted corners and the difference in the heights of the rear and front panels create an impression of smallness and thinness. The case color is dark silver, and this color scheme goes on to the top panel – only the screen bezel is black.

So, a budget model with good performance and excellent battery, with no less than 4 USB ports, which is a blessing when on the road with a laptop. With more of these prettier budget notebooks arriving, its becoming more common for this cheaper end of the market to be populated with sleek notebooks like this, as opposed to the ugly-looking and sluggish cheap notebooks of the past. If you are thinking of a notebook purchase soon, it’s well worth looking at!