Some of these smaller PCs that are coming on to the market in tiny ATX cases and so forth really are quite cute. OK, no room in there for four disk RAID 0, or SLI, but there certainly is something in having a machine that small. VoodooPC certainly think so, and have announced a mini multi-processor workstation that comes with a pair of low voltage AMD Opteron processors. Yes, you heard that right: a tiny little box with dual Opteron. Think of the possibilities.

The manufacturer claims its new DOLL DCC is the smallest dual-processor professional workstation on the market. The device targets professional users who work on graphics intensive applications. "We designed the new Voodoo DOLL DCC for movie production houses - with the intentions of moving from set to set," said Rahul Sood, president and CTO at VoodooPC. "Many of our customers need the power of a full sized workstation wherever they go."

The system is based around two Opteron 246HE processors, 1 GB of RAM and an Nvidia Quadro FX 500 graphics card. Quite the thing for a LAN party, wouldn't you say?