Rumours that the next generation DVD format war might soon be over apparently seem quite exaggerated, it has emerged. Both Sony and Toshiba have issued statements saying that any agreement over a new, unified format is just rumour and speculation, and that no such agreements have been reached. Some reports had suggested that Toshiba had been forced by Sony to accept the Blu-Ray standard, which Toshiba flatly denies. Although talks are underway to try to achieve something, Toshiba are nonetheless still keen to promote their HD-DVD format, which they will be demonstrating at the Media Tech Expo, set to kick off in Las Vegas on 5/11.

Some commentators speculate, however, that perhaps an agreement has been made, and that these denials are merely trying to cover up leaks.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun has had breaking news stories denied and then proven correct many times before. Is this a case of Toshiba and Sony trying to take control of a bit of hot information that leaked out ahead of schedule, or have there truly been no advancements in negotiations for a single format next generation DVD?