Playstation 3 will be much more than a mere console - it will be an entertainment supercomputer, thanks to Sony's plans to run Linux on the device. Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi has unveiled plans to provide the PS3 with a hard drive, and to run the open source OS on the new system. This ability, however, would seem to be an optional extra - the PS3 isn't actually based around Linux as such, it will just have the power to run it with some kind of hard drive expansion kit as an additional feature.

We're not going to equip [the PS3 with] a HDD by default, because no matter how much [capacity] we put in it, it won't be enough." It was unclear whether he was referring to the previously known fact that the PS3 would not have an internal hard drive or whether he was indicating that the device would not come with the external 2.5-inch detachable HDD outlined in the specs revealed at E3.