According to a new study, children are becoming increasingly aggressive with their exposure to violent video games. It seems that teachers of 600 children aged between 13 and 15, said children who spent more time playing such video games were more hostile than others. In a report that was a result of 17 studies conducted over 20 years by Kevin Kieffer and Jessica Nicoll of Saint Leo University, Florida, it was found that there is a strong link between games and how children and adolescents behave. It is claimed that playing games with violent moves such as karate kicks, for example, leads children to use these moves in real life.

Commenting on it Dr Sameer Parekh, Psychologist, Max Healthcare told FE: "No violence can have a healthy effect on children. It makes children less inhibited and desensitised to violence. It also leads to a distortion of reality wherein they tend to justify violence."