Satellite radio is one the coolest and nerdiest things out there. Although no matter what you choose to use to listen or what provider you want, it is a subscription service that takes money. Worth it for many though, as you get exclusive shows that can give you entertainment you can't get over the air due to the FCC. Unfortunately it is something largely left to your car, or sometimes your home. If you spend spend a lot of your day behind a desk you're out of luck. Not anymore, with the Sirius Wearable Satellite Radio, small enough for your pocket. Although it is only for Sirius, it's an exclusive. On top of being able to receive all of the Sirius channels, it is also a mini recorder, able to store up to 50 hours of radio. It also is capable of storing and playing back mp3s/wmas, but that is obviously not the selling point here. The 'Sirius 550' goes for sale this October, and will start for around $99. Not bad!