ASUS, one of the more popular brands on notebooks, will be using a mobile version of the Radeon X1600 in their next line of notebooks, the A7G. Using a 90nm process, the mobile version of the X1600 seems an ideal fit for a notebook. The A7G features a 17.1” screen, enormous for a notebook, along with a built in TV tuner, so the choice of video card makes since, with ATI being respected in the multimedia community with the features of their AIW cards. How it impacts notebook usage isn't known, but the press release claims it is designed for areas like personal video recording and HDTV. It'll also be Vista-proof.

”As versatile as it is future proof, the A7G, with Mobility Radeon X1600 is also ready to support the current requirements of Microsoft's next-generation operating system, Windows Vista.”
The A7G is already available in Europe and Asia, with a U.S. launch in the near future. You can read the press release on ATI's website.