Further to our previous news today that the Nintendo DS is to get wireless internet and TV playback, owners of the DS will soon be able to surf the Net using the Opera Web browser – if they live in Japan, that is. An announcement has been made that the browser is to be made available in the territory for the DS, although there is not yet any established release date or confirmed price. According to one promotional image, it appears as if the web pages themselves will be displayed across the two screens of the DS.

Announcing the development of the Opera browser for Nintendo DS, Scott Hedrick, Executive Vice President, Opera Software said, "The incredibly popular Nintendo DS is already Wi-Fi enabled to support real-time gaming, so adding Web browsing capabilities was a natural evolution for this device...Gaming devices are growing more advanced and a great Web experience is becoming a product differentiator for gaming manufacturers. Opera is excited to work with Nintendo to deliver a unique dual screen, full Internet experience on Nintendo DS."