Some of the first AMD dual-core laptops are hitting the market, with MSI announcing yesterday the release of their S271. The S271 is based on AMD's Turon 64 X2 CPU, one of the first in AMD's new form factor and standard for mobile CPUs, uses ATI's Radeon Xpress chipset + graphics, and has an average 12.1” screen. It comes in configurations of up to 2GB max DDR2-667 RAM, HDD between 80 and 200GB, and otherwise is a more or less run of the mill laptop that isn't turning any heads, but is worthy of note as one of the first dual core AMD laptops around and its usage of DDR-2. It's going to retail initially for about $1500, and is supposedly already available in various parts of the world. You can read about the X2 Turion at AMD's site.