Nintendo announced today that they will launch new Nintendo DS titles in June under a new label dubbed Touch Generations. The new games will be targeted at a more mainstream audience, and will include such titles as "Big Brain Academy," "Magnetica" and "Soduku Gridmaster."

The idea is to appeal to the biggest range of social groups and ages as possible, and thusly we have adverts featuring grandparents playing games along with the best of them. Nintendo seeks to reach out to a demographic that traditionally would never even think about buying and playing computer games. But is this just too ambitious to work?

"We remain committed to turning video games into an inclusive mass medium that everyone can enjoy," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's (deep breath) senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Touch Generations will help novices and newcomers identify the fun and uniquely engaging experiences that are available only on Nintendo DS."
Could Nintendo be on to something? I’ve certainly seen my old Gran glued to a crossword puzzle computer game, even although she would never touch QUAKE III with a barge pole.