Computer parts and electronics online retailer has without a doubt one of the most solid presences among the enthusiast community. Whether you have bought from them or not, it's likely you have at least heard about them, with a reputation of wide selection, good prices and great service. Indeed, if you have ever read a forum discussion about the company you will probably come across one big complaint from users, it's not available everywhere.

Newegg has historically only made business with households in the US, and more recently in China. But that might change soon according to a story posted at Digitimes. The company is now trying to expand further through an acquisition or a wholly-owned new company, and has European buyers on its target.

Reportedly Newegg receives over 11 million unique visitors every month on its website, an impressive figure that even the largest technology websites on the net could envy. But it doesn't stop there; reports indicate that e-tailer's business keeps booming with daily sales in the range of $5-7 million and growing. I have to say that's not bad, not bad at all!