Google and eBay are two very different companies, but ones that likely could benefit from using each other's services. As of today, the two giants have signed a deal that will result in them working together to integrate VoIP via Skype into a “click-to-call” advertising scheme. In the deal, Google will be allowed to sell adspace on eBay. From a consumer perspective, it will enable potential eBay buyers and sellers to have a quick and free way to communicate with each other more directly. For some, that could mean a lot – the fear of fraud is often reduced if someone can hear a voice. Google seems to be happy with the decision, but won't go into much detail about it:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the agreement with eBay is "likely to go on for many years," but he would not disclose the terms of the deal or what it might mean for the Mountain View-based search engine's bottom line. Whitman said eBay does not expect the partnership to affect its financial performance either this year or next.
It's an interesting concept. I wonder what sort of software they intend to use on the user end, whether it be a browser plugin or something you'd have to install.