Sony's PlayStation 3 is fast approaching. Scheduled for release before the end of this year, doubtless Sony is scrambling to make sure that everything will be in place for a trouble-tree, smooth release. Or at least fans would like to think. Unfortunately, the new console is receiving flak for various flaws, the worst of which seems to be constant errors that force a reboot of the machine. Some reviewing the machine attribute the failures to environmental conditions:

“While the reason for this is unknown, we suspect it may be due to overheating as a result of enclosing the units and the high temperatures at the venue. We are concerned that such a problem has occurred so close to full production and is clearly negative news for the company,” Mr. Gibson is reported to have written.
Even so, considering the dynamic nature of people's homes its unlikely Sony would be able to avoid thermal issues if this were the case. At this point in the game, it is probably too late for Sony to redesign the units, which are already in production. Could Sony face a recall of the PS3? This definitely does not bode well for the console. Hopefully we'll hear more details and some official commentary from Sony soon.