Some of Sony's bad luck must be rubbing off on Nintendo, who now faces a costly recall in the form of 3.2 million Wiimote straps and 200,000 DS power adapters. Due to complaints about weak straps and customers damaging equipment when using the Wiimote, Nintendo has offered to voluntarily recall and replace the straps on all 3.2 million shipped units. Calling it a global problem, the Wii's strap has made headlines and even inspired websites dedicated to showcasing the damage people are doing to TVs and other equipment when using the controller. To fix the issue, Nintendo is increasing the diameter of the strap significantly, making it much more difficult to break.

As for the DS, it seems a batch of power adapters has issues with overheating, and while no fire or injuries have been reported, they're opting to recall the units. According to the article, Nintendo could be looking at a half million to $1.7 million to replace the power adapters. No word on how much the strap recall will cost them.