Seagate is making another push towards true portable workstations, by introducing what they are claiming is the fastest hard drive in the world. While we all know how the mighty have fallen after declaring X or Y to be the fastest or biggest, the new Seagate Savvio is indeed unique as a 15K RPM laptop HDD, resulting in a drive that spins at 15,000RPM and yet has the benefits of a 2.5" form factor, such as reduced heat output. Also claiming it to be more reliable than their existing 15K RPM Cheetah line, Seagate's new drive will for now only be available in 36GB or 73GB capacities, and will also have 10K models available as well. It is being aimed at HP Proliant systems, though I am sure a drive of this nature will attract the intention of many in the industry, enthusiasts included.