As rumored, Dell is finally unveiling its first three consumer PCs equipped with Ubuntu 7.04 Linux OS. Two desktops, the 'XPS 410n' and 'Dimension E520n', and the 'Inspiron E1505n' notebook are the first to sport the open source OS factory installed on a Dell computer; they will be available from 4 PM CST today.

This move by Dell is the result of an initiative which asks for community ideas for products through Dell's IdeaStorm website, after extensive customer feedback received since February, selling Linux pre-installed systems was among the most popular suggestions.

"Hardware support is available through normal Dell support channels, along with the option of selecting Ubuntu-specific support through Canonical, and a variety of software support options are available," Dell said.
However despite having a free OS pre-installed, no significant price cuts are apparent. In fact the pricing for the Ubuntu machines is roughly equal to that of Windows PCs. The E1505n notebook starts at $599, and the two desktops, the Dimension E520 and XPS 410n, start from $599 and $849 respectively, while Vista pre-load pricing starts at $699 for the E1505, $369 for the E520, and $899 for the XPS 410.