Back in May, Sony released the 3.50 PSP firmware upgrade, enabling PSP owners to access all videos, music, and pictures on their home PlayStation 3 console over the Internet and adding a new 'RSS Channel Guide' feature.

However, an interesting upgrade remained undisclosed until now. Sony has recently confirmed that the 3.50 firmware upgrade boosts the handheld's CPU clock speed from 266MHz to the maximum of 333MHz. Originally, the CPU's speed was restricted to improve the battery life of the device. The upgrade could bring enhancements such as improved frame rates and better loading times, at the cost of battery life. According to Sony, the increased clock speed applies only to future titles and those currently in development.

Sony's reasons to remove the speed cap remain uncertain, some think they are ramping up for the release of new PSP to PlayStation 3 connectivity features. However, rumors about a new redesigned version of the PSP device with considerably improved battery life are also starting to emerge.