London-based startup Skinkers is in the early stages of readying a new product dubbed LiveStation which is based on the Microsoft Silverlight platform and aims to lure large media companies to offer live streams of their content.

In its current form, this is not a competitor to Joost , Babelgum and the other time-shifted TVIP startups. The service shows live television only, although presumably it could also be used to stream time-shifted content as well. And while it is certainly an excellent demonstration of the flexibility of Silverlight, it's not even close to being productized and launched. For now, consider it little more than a pretty video.
The platform would work like a Slingbox without the box, as it would eliminate the need for both a separate media streaming hub as well as installing custom software. The solution requires broadcasters to work with LiveStation and would allow subscribers view and change channels online simply by connecting to a remote server. The company hopes LiveStation will eventually become a free or low-cost addition to existing cable, IPTV, and satellite services.