South Carolina has become the next setting for people fighting back against the RIAA. A woman has been sued by the RIAA, after she refused to settle when she claimed the allegations against her (pirating music) were false. Not only does she say that the type of music they claim she pirated is nothing she'd listen to, but that the company failed to try and negotiate with her and as such she has filed various claims back against them:

After the lawsuit was filed, Njuguna said she boxed up the PC reportedly used for infringement and purchased a new one. She then filed a series of counterclaims to the RIAA's lawsuit in an attempt to have the lawsuit dismissed and her name cleared. One of those accuses the record labels of failing to negotiate in good faith.
She has cited many previous cases of people fighting against the RIAA and their "deceptive" practices in the past. While the RIAA is not used to facing defeat, there have been a few cases they've lost and that number may continue to grow if their behavior continues.

I hope she gets her way. The RIAA has continued to try and dominate the music market in its entirety, blindly attacking anyone whom they deem worthy. People are sticking up for themselves more and more, however, so perhaps their bullying may one day end.