Intel announced today that they will be stepping up collaboration with other companies for WiMAX product improvements, particularly Nokia and Siemens. Their goal is to ensure interoperability, a huge part of success with wireless products particularly in embedded equipment.

Nokia also mentioned that they will be using Intel's WiMAX parts in some of their upcoming products:

Nokia also said it will use Intel's WiMAX silicon product, which is codenamed "Baxter Peak" and designed specifically for mobile Internet and consumer electronic devices, in its forthcoming Nokia Nseries Internet Tablets. The Internet tablets will be among the very first WiMAX-enabled open Internet devices expected to ship in 2008.
Last week, at the IDF, Intel laid out promises of 2008 being the year for WiMAX deployment, at least for laptops. Obviously Nokia believes that to be the case, hence, the introduction of tablets as well that will support the technology.

You can read the full press release with Intel and Nokia's statements at Intel's site. Intel also mentioned that there are 500 other "Forum members" that are working with them to create a global interoperability standard.