If we ever doubted of ATI's capability to push Nvidia forward with better products and further innovation, there may be a third player that could spice up the graphics mix for a change.

During this year's IDF, Intel revealed scarce yet very interesting details on future GPU products they are currently working on. This is not the first time we have the #1 CPU maker hyping graphics products just to under deliver later on with its widely used yet very criticized integrated graphics.

Some of Intel's comments didn't sit well with Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang though, who literally told analysts today "we're going to open a can of whoop ass" during the company's financial analyst meeting. Huang was very upfront on saying that current Intel graphics implementations are "a joke" (we agree) and that even if Intel was to improve their performance tenfold by 2010, they would barely be on par with current Nvidia products.

So much name calling, but so little hard facts regarding future products, unfortunately. After looking at the latest Nvidia products, it's somewhat safe to assume that another at least partly new GPU that can boost performance using a single GPU should be in the works for later this year. And going by the CEO's claims, Nvidia should be putting further emphasis on integrated solutions as well, we can't wait.