Would you like to spend $1,000 on a keyboard? Me neither, but the ever-infamous Optimus line of keyboards is supposedly coming out with a new iteration in the long-delayed line, dubbed the "Optimus Popularis". It is an expanded set keyboard, with additional keys located above the function keys, but unlike its predecessors will not be used OLED screens. So what is the appeal, then? Apparently, each key on the keyboard will have its own CRT to generate a display.

While not exactly power-conscious, it enables them to offer the keyboard at a lower cost than their existing models. Even still, I'm not about to plunk down $1,000 for keyboard no matter how customizable the interface is. All it takes is one spilled soda or, for some of us, one really terrible Team Fortress 2 match to render that purchase a waste. The idea is still very novel, though, and perhaps when they dip down to $500 I'll reconsider.