Is an Xbox 360 price drop due this week? More evidence has come forward that confirms rumors from earlier this month that cited a $50 drop in the works. That's the latest over at Kotaku who came across some advertisements for the Xbox 360 Pro running as low as $299.99, marking a significant drop in price for the console and putting Sony in the position of once again having the most expensive console on the market. If so, this isn't good news for Sony. Microsoft and Nintendo are still largely neck and neck for worldwide sales, within about 10% of each other (Nintendo is still the clear leader), whereas the PlayStation 3 is nearly 10 million units behind.

However, Xbox 360 sales have waned, and Microsoft knows this. A price drop might be an indicator they have something bigger planned for the console in the near future. If you're looking to get a 360 anytime soon, Sunday might be your day.