There are a lot of enthusiast devices I can agree with - video cards, RAM, processors, et cetera - but never really a keyboard. And yet, that is what OCZ is now pushing under their new Alchemy line, introducing this week the new Elixir keyboards. The series of keyboards are pitched as gaming keyboards with "highly advanced" functionality.

While one can debate exactly how extreme a keyboard can be, one very nifty function will be the programmable macro keys the first line of keyboards will have. They also play up the reliability of the keyboard, claiming it will last quite a while and feature a rubber coating. The latter part I can actually find some interest in, as in my gaming years I have worn out more than a few keyboards. The price is more than an off the shelf dirt-cheap keyboard at $29.99, but certainly is well within an "average" budget. You can read more on the product page.

OCZ originally demoed the first of their Alchemy hardware just one month ago.