Google's Blogger service is responsible for around 2 percent of the world's malware, according to a new report from security firm Sophos, with malicious users setting up pages on the free blogging service to host infected files, or simply posting links to potentially dangerous websites in other bloggers' comments.

This should really come as little surprise considering that just about anyone can set up a blog without having to provide positive identification. What should be of concern, though, is that a large number of so-called reputable and trustworthy sites are supposedly being turned into malware delivery platforms through scripting and SQL database attacks. For its part, Google is doing its best to parse search results for malicious Web sites and keep them from being linked to - but it isn't an easy task.

The report also ranks the US at the top of the malware-hosting countries and mentions the astronomical rise of spam on mobile devices in places such as China, where it grew to almost 354 billion messages in 2007.