Google's Chrome has been available for less than a year, nevertheless updates to the web browser have been incessant since last September. You may recall the browser made the official 1.0 stable version in a matter of weeks and now it's the 2.0 betas that are getting the most attention.

The most recent update ( Beta) is touting further speed improvements, especially for JavaScript execution where Google claims up to a 30% improvement over the last stable version of the browser. Along with that come feature enhancements and additions like form autofill, a full screen mode, and the ability to customize the new tab screen.

Although Chrome has been able to gather a considerable following in a short period of time by anyone's standards, it's still playing fourth/fifth place lagging behind Internet Explorer, Firefox and depending on where you get your stats, Opera and Apple's Safari.

In the meantime, we expect Google to continue playing the performance card as one of Chrome's prime qualities, but what do you think it will take for more users to make the switch? A video showcasing the latest Chrome features after the jump.