Promising faster speeds and lower demand on machines, the upcoming USB 3.0 standard is intended to be the next best thing for the ubiquitous technology. With hardware manufacturers already introducing USB 3.0 controllers and compatible hardware expected to follow soon, you'd assume that the biggest names in the software industry would be hot on their heels, creating drivers that supported the new technology. But no, neither Microsoft nor Apple are touting out of the box USB 3.0 support in their upcoming operating systems.

Meanwhile, a developer at Intel's Open Source Technology Center has been working on USB 3.0 support for the Linux kernel that has reportedly been finalized. Furthermore, the developer has released instructions on how to get USB 3.0 working already – despite an obvious lack of USB 3.0 hardware out there.

We agree there's little point to the achievement for now. But in the meantime, if you are interested in learning what future USB 3.0 holds for us, check out this article detailing everything you need to know about the technology.