MSI is preparing to launch its Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) 2009 event, with the initial phase running from June 29 to July 19. The annual competition encourages participants to test the boundaries of PC hardware by overclocking it to the max. It is the self-proclaimed “IT Olympics” and is held in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Everyone is welcome to partake in the opening round.

The second round will be comprised of the top ten finishers from phase one and will begin July 25, ending August 2. The top two challengers in phase two will be permitted to invite one partner each, for a total of four contenders in the grand finale. Competitors in the grand finale will be flown to Beijing, China.

Naturally, there will be some pretty cool prizes for the top three winners of round two. The victors will receive one of three MSI x58-based motherboards, an Nvidia GTX 200 series video card, a Core i7 920, a 6GB triple-channel DDR3 RAM kit, a top-notch Thermaltake chassis, PSU and CPU fan as well as a 1TB Western Digital HDD.

To read all the rules, regulations and fine print head on over to the official site.