Microsoft is usually tight-lipped when it comes to Xbox 360 hardware updates, but it is no secret that the company does periodic revisions to make its console perform better, fix bugs and lower production costs. The latest such change is more of a technical optimization, rather than something meant to improve performance, but will see new Xbox 360 Arcade units get double the internal storage capacity at 512MB.

Microsoft initially made the switch to internal storage in the Xbox 360 Arcade last December, when it started offering the console with 256MB of internal memory. The updated model features the same, more reliable Jasper innards (65nm CPU and 65nm GPU) as its predecessor only with a new 4Gb Samsung NAND chip. This gives owners of the $199 base model a bit more room to store game files and media, while still being able to upgrade their consoles with a HDD later. Unfortunately for those looking to buy an Xbox 360 Arcade, we're not aware of any way to spot one of the new units without taking them out of the box.