In addition to all of the previous drama surrounding 3D Realms and their long anticipated Duke Nukem Forever title, some interesting new information has surfaced. In a court document filed on Friday, Apogee Software, Ltd. (3D Realms’ legal name), claims they signed an agreement with Take-Two Interactive, the designated publisher of Duke Nukem Forever, and 2K Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two.

The alleged agreement granted 2K Games full rights to design and publish a new title based on Apogee’s Duke Nukem franchise. Yes, an absolutely separate title from DNF, named “Duke Begins.” The title was a part of the previously undisclosed agreement between the companies met in October 2007. It also resolves the confusion surrounding Take-Two’s $2.5 million payment to Apogee. Take-Two claimed the payment was to help fund the development of DNF – but Apogee later stated the money was provided “in connection with another agreement for an unannounced game.”

Development of Duke Begins was to commence within two months of the October 2007 agreement and it was due for release by mid-2010. However, Apogee believes development halted in April 2009, despite Take-Two’s present denial of such. Where does it end folks?