EVGA has announced an interesting new LCD display, the InterView 1770. Now, it’s not often that you see something different in the display market; things just get wider and thinner as time rolls on. However, the InterView 1770 delivers a welcomed change by mounting two pivoting 17” panels on a single central stand.

Each 17” 1440x900 TFT panel flips 180-degrees vertically, and rotates inward 90-degrees horizontally. The pair have a 500:1 contrast ratio and 220 cd/m2 brightness with an 8ms response time. The base and spine of the displays hosts a DMS connector, 1.3-megapixel webcam, microphone, three USB ports as well as dual keyboard and mouse controls.

Having a larger, or more than one display is a surefire way of increasing productivity levels, and so the InterView 1770 has been engineered with work in mind. As cool as the contraption is, I assume its market is pretty limited – especially with an MSRP of $649.99.