Just over a week ago, Apple introduced iTunes version 8.2.1. In addition to bug fixes, the new version claimed to address an issue with the verification of Apple devices – in other words, break the Pre’s syncing capability. One-upping Apple, Palm has delivered webOS version 1.1 which among other things, restores the Palm Media Sync feature.

WebOS 1.1 is packed with new features for enterprise users, such as the support for new Exchange ActiveSync Policies (including the ability to remotely wipe data stored on a lost phone). Other additions include a new NFL Mobile Live app, a forward-swipe gesture, emoticon support in text, multimedia and IM as well as tweaks to the Calendar, Contacts and Camera apps.

In somewhat related news, if you’re still questioning the duration of Sprint’s Pre exclusivity, it has been reported that Bell Mobility (Canadian carrier) is guaranteed rights to the Pre for exactly six months.